Team / Trisha Allsop
Trisha Allsop

Director of Client Service

After two consecutive internships with Sandhill beginning in 2015, Trisha Allsop was hired into a full-time role in October 2016 after graduating cum laude from the University at Buffalo. Evident through both her internships and current career, Trisha is a dynamic employee with a penchant for client relationships.

Trisha has held various positions during her time at Sandhill. In her current role, she heads the Client Service team as Director and spends the lion’s share of her professional time supporting cornerstone clients and advisors, including Sandhill’s Founder and Lead Portfolio Manager, Tim Johnston.

When Trisha is not focusing on clients, she turns her attention inward to the systems and standards of Sandhill. A savant of internal processes and a master of efficiency, Trisha prides herself on creating improvements to Sandhill’s operations. The rapid development of the Client Service team during her tenure has been critical in driving both client and employee success and satisfaction. Improvements to Customer Management Software, the digitization of Sandhill communications, and a rollout of fresh perks to attract and retain top talent are just a few of the other enhancements that have been made during Trisha’s time at the firm.

Not only has Trisha been imperative to the training and development of new Sandhill talent, but she also is an exemplary template for the firm’s company culture. As part of the Education Committee, she focuses on building knowledge from basic processes and procedures to high-level, client-centric requests.

Outside of the office, Trisha is passionate about the impact of local mutual aid and is a frequent contributor and participant in supporting marginalized populations and underserved communities. She and her fiancé, Adam, live in North Buffalo and can often be found outside hiking or enjoying the many events that the Queen City has to offer.

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