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*An Update from our Founder

Measuring Results
$ 2.1
As of March 31, 2022, our total assets under management are over $2.1 Billion
We offer 4 proprietarily managed investment products
17 years of firm GIPS® compliance – an industry reporting gold standard
We serve clients in 42 states across America
Built on driving results and putting clients first

In 2004, Sandhill began as a small group of passionate research professionals who were inspired by their desire to create something better. Our founders believed that if they could provide a suite of products that outperformed their benchmarks and created genuine value for our clients, something special would grow.

Through tireless effort, devotion to excellence, and deep commitment to our clients, that same small team of researchers has grown into a world-class firm managing over $2.1 billion in client assets for individuals, families, corporations, and foundations.

Our primary goal is to produce a superior risk adjusted return on our clients’ capital.
Private Clients

Everything starts with you. Our client service team works diligently to make sure that we understand your needs, implement a plan tailored to your specific goals, and follow through by exceeding your expectations. We care about your priorities and stay in touch – sometimes that means monthly conference calls, while for others, we meet quarterly. No matter what your investment objectives, we will work together to design a portfolio for you. Whether you have unique tax factors, low basis securities, ethical requirements, or income needs, we have a solution.

Success to us is when we can align your needs with our investment process to generate real value for you. We mean it when we say your success is our success.

Institutional Services

From unique investment objectives to the responsibilities that come with being a fiduciary, Sandhill understands the needs of sophisticated investors. We offer a selection of value-added investment strategies that are suitable for a variety of institutional clients.

Our products are offered within a Separately Managed Account format, and our clients have the freedom to choose their own custodian. Sandhill currently reports our product performance to the following institutional databases:

  • Morningstar
  • PSN/InformaIS
  • eVestment
  • Mercer
April 2022 Update
The investment environment is unattractive. Rapidly rising interest rates, runaway inflation, a Federal Reserve asleep at the wheel (and finally waking up), supply chains strained in every corner of the globe, and the Ukraine war is not a constructive backdrop for equities. Two important notes – the main event is rapidly rising interest rates. I said in my January newsletter,...
January 2022 Update
Sandhill did not do its usual bang up job with our CEA equity product in 2021. Our other three products had terrific performance. We fully understand that our CEA product is our main workhorse and its performance is the most relevant to our client’s financial health and success. That said, our CEA product did post its third straight year of...
October 2021 Update
Our weakness remains our short term equity performance in our flagship CEA equity product. We like our portfolio and will remain patient. That said, it is very bothersome to deliver substandard results. As most of you know, we are long term. The CEA composite has delivered an average annualized return of 16.7% per annum over the last five years. For...

“Market volatility can lead to short term mispricing of good businesses.”

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