Large Cap Yield

A dividend-focused product comprised of about 30 large-cap stocks with strong management and steady earnings growth.

Our Large Cap Yield portfolio is intended for long-term capital appreciation and delivers meaningful income. This product generates a higher yield than the Dow Jones Industrial Average. LCY holdings are equal-weighted, offering more diversification and balance than the Dow.

Strategy Objectives


Provide active exposure to income-producing, large-cap companies

Primary Objective

Generate higher dividend yield compared to the benchmark

Secondary Objective

Target investments in secular trends designed for long-term capital appreciation

Investing Parameters:

  • Large-cap equities with $25B+ market cap
  • Weighted average yield greater than DJIA
  • Emphasize investment diversification in both sectors and securities
  • Maintain tax efficiency through low turnover

A Cohesive Team

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The Sandhill Team – Featured

Edwin (Tim) Johnston III

Founder, Co-Managing Partner

The Sandhill Team – Featured

Richard Ryskalczyk, CFA

Partner, Chief Equity Analyst

The Sandhill Team – Featured

Mark Larry, CFA

Partner, Senior Equity Analyst

The Sandhill Team – Featured

Aaron VandeGuchte, CFA

Partner, Senior Analyst

The Sandhill Team – Featured

Eric Hanfland

Assistant Equity Analyst

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