Concentrated Equity Alpha

Our flagship multi-cap growth product, the Sandhill Concentrated Equity Alpha (CEA) portfolio is comprised of approximately 30 high-quality, competitively-advantaged holdings.

With a diversified mix of best-in-class companies, our CEA portfolio intends to provide a solid risk-adjusted return for the long-term growth-oriented investor. Our multi-cap strategy allows us to find value in all areas of the market and incorporates broad diversification with a clear understanding of what we own.

Strategy Objectives


To produce a superior return for our clients.

Time Horizon

5 to 10+ years.

Primary Objective

Capital appreciation.

Secondary Objective

Capital protection.


Fundamental, bottom-up stock picking.

Setting Expectations

We do...

Identify healthy companies and their catalysts

Seek companies across the cap spectrum

Establish high conviction in holdings

Personally communicate with executive management teams

Make decisions thoughtfully and quickly

Have a long-term perspective

We don't...

Look like the index

Fit cleanly into a style box


Own a company because it pays dividends

Buy broken companies because they are trading at a discount

Overpay for companies we like

A Cohesive Team

Filter and Search

Edwin M. "Tim" Johnston III - Sandhill Investment Management

Edwin (Tim) Johnston III

Founder, Lead Portfolio Manager

The Sandhill Team – Featured

Richard Ryskalczyk, CFA

Co-Managing Partner, Chief Equity Analyst

The Sandhill Team – Featured

Mark Larry, CFA

Partner, Senior Equity Analyst

The Sandhill Team – Featured

Aaron VandeGuchte, CFA

Partner, Senior Analyst

Jedidiah Lemen, CFA

Jedidiah Lemen, CFA

Associate Equity Analyst