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Sandhill News

Sandhill Investment Management Discusses Recession Strategies

Tuesday December 27, 2022

After a difficult year for investors, and with an expected recession looming, Buffalo’s financial services firms must plot a careful course to protect and grow their clients’ wealth. The stock market has been growing almost interrupted for more than a decade. Now that it’s in turmoil, investors are turning to financial pros for security and comfort, according to Richard Ryskalczyk and Shant Goubrial, Co-Managing Partners at Sandhill Investment Management.

Sandhill News

Don’t Let 2022 Slip Away Without Year-End Tax and Investment Planning

Friday December 2, 2022

The flip of the calendar should be an indication to business to do that critical year-end planning and to focus on the important tasks that will prepare the company for 2023. Sandhill Managing Director Jonathan Amoia was featured on a panel of financial industry experts to discuss the essential information that entrepreneurs need to know when considering investment and tax planning.

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Ryskalczyk on Sandhill’s Concentrated Equity Alpha Approach

Wednesday July 13, 2022

Sandhill Chief Equity Analyst and Co-Managing Partner Rick Ryskalczyk joins RIA Channel Founder and CEO Julie Cooling to discuss the firm’s flagship Concentrated Equity Alpha (CEA) strategy, its differentiated approach to active management, and its history of consistent performance. Leveraging its bottom-up, collaborative research methodology, Rick explains how the Sandhill Research team is able to uncover companies across the size spectrum that are most likely to win long-term.

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Wider Net, Smaller Portfolio: How Sandhill Investment Management is Adding Value

Friday June 25, 2021

When it comes to investing clients’ assets, Sandhill Investment Management’s approach can be summed up quickly: do deep research to find the best opportunities across the market-cap spectrum, package those ideas in a concentrated portfolio where each position adds value, and don’t get so lost in the numbers that you miss the intuitive, long-term growth trend. In a brief interview with InvestmentNews, Sandhill founder Edwin “Tim” Johnston III discusses what sets his investment firm apart.

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