Corporate Bond

We utilize broad diversification to minimize credit risk and shorter maturities to lessen interest rate risk. Our Corporate Bond product is intended to protect capital and generate meaningful income. We invest in corporate bonds that mature within three to ten years.

Strategy Objectives


Generate income and preserve capital

Time Horizon

Targeted maturities less than 10 years


We build diversified fixed income portfolios with careful analysis and execution

Risk Mitigation

We reduce these two primary risks inherent in bonds:

  • Interest Rate Risk: Maintain limited maturity risk
  • Credit Risk: Thoughtful diversification

Setting Expectations

We do…

Identify healthy companies and their catalysts

Own individual bonds with the intent to hold to maturity

Perform dedicated in-house credit research

Seek to capitalize on credits we believe are misrated

Invest prudently and opportunistically

We don't...

Look like the index

Purchase bonds systematically

Take on excessive credit risk

Build model-based portfolios

Overpay for companies we like

A Cohesive Team

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The Sandhill Team – Featured

Edwin (Tim) Johnston III

Founder, Co-Managing Partner

The Sandhill Team – Featured

Richard Ryskalczyk, CFA

Partner, Chief Equity Analyst

The Sandhill Team – Featured

Mark Larry, CFA

Partner, Senior Equity Analyst

The Sandhill Team – Featured

Aaron VandeGuchte, CFA

Partner, Senior Analyst

The Sandhill Team – Featured

Eric Hanfland

Assistant Equity Analyst

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