Our Products

Our product lineup is designed with our clients in mind. Whether your priority is long-term growth or current income, Sandhill’s optimized offerings can be built for you.

Minimum Investment - $250,000
Concentrated Equity Alpha

Our flagship multi-cap growth product is comprised of approximately 30 high quality franchise companies with a long-term investment horizon.

With a diversified mix of high quality companies, our CEA product intends to provide solid risk-adjusted return for the long-term growth-oriented investor. Our multi-cap strategy allows us to find value in all areas and geographies of the market and incorporates broad diversification and a clear understanding of what we own.

Large Cap Yield

A dividend-focused product comprised of 33 large cap stocks with strong management and steady earnings growth.

Large Cap Yield is intended for long-term capital appreciation and delivers meaningful income. This product generates a higher yield than the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The holdings are equal-weighted and offer more diversification and balance than the Dow.

Corporate Bond

Our goal is to preserve both capital and income by investing in corporate bonds that mature within three to nine years.

We utilize broad diversification to minimize credit risk and short duration to minimize interest rate risk. This product is intended to be protective of capital while generating meaningful income.


Sandhill’s balanced portfolios provide a customized mix of the above stock and bond products and are intended to reflect an individual’s risk tolerance.

“When we identify and purchase a great business at an attractive price, time is our ally.”

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