May 2024 Research Update:
Customer Conferences & Travel Trends

Talking Shop: Volume XIII

As Research Analysts, we often perform due diligence on companies in the office reading through stacks of transcripts and filings. However, we feel it is…

February 2024 Research Update:
Super Bowl LVIII & Charlie Munger

Talking Shop: Volume XII

Over 120 million viewers tuned in to this year’s Super Bowl in Las Vegas—making it the most-watched telecast in U.S. history. As the Chiefs and…

November 2023 Research Update:
The Magnificent 7 & GLP-1s

Talking Shop: Volume XI

Equity markets—led by the “Magnificent 7” mega-cap tech stocks—have enjoyed a blistering 2023. But as the S&P 500 has become incredibly top-heavy due to the…

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